Iceland’s magnificent and unspoiled scenery is perfect for trekking and biking. The country offers several areas with volcanoes which can be experienced on bike rides and treks. During the tours you will experience very different and picturesque landscapes such as large glaciers, narrow ridges, and deep gorges.

Mountain Adventures offers hiking in Iceland’s most popular trek and bike rides in varied landscapes, where you can experience colorful mountains, huge waterfalls, peaceful lakes, and the world-famous hot springs.

A walking or cycling holiday in Iceland is an experience of a lifetime. 

Iceland is located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, and is home for amazing natural treasures, culture, and history as well as breathtaking scenery with panoramic views of the North Atlantic. 


Iceland - Hike between mountains and glaciers


From 4 days - Trip Grading : 3-4

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Iceland - Laugavegur, hiking the volcanoes

Laugavegur – Iceland most famous trek through Landmannalaugar to the foot of the wolrd famous Eyjafjallajökull

The Laugavegur is the most popular trek in Iceland. It is a five day vehicle assisted trek where you walk from hut to hut. The adventures trek takes you from the geothermal valley of Landmannalaugar i...

From 4 days - Trip Grading : 3

Price from EUR 1.220,00
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