Morocco is an ideal destination for trekking, hiking, and mountaineering, as you can find the Atlas Mountains in large parts of the country. Morocco is an exotic destination for the entire family, where you can go trekking in the Atlas Mountains, climb Mount Toubkal, go on camel tours, and explore colorful Marrakech. Trekking, hiking, and mountaineering in Morocco is an adventure of a lifetime. 

Be captivated by the Moroccan culture, mystery, beautiful colors, and wonderful scents. In the modern Marrakech you can experience fairytales in real life, and in the mountains you can hike and ride on mules. On the trek in the Atlas Mountains you will get close to the fantastic nature and Berber culture.  

Morocco offers diversity, a different culture, and a varied landscape with plains, mountains, and desert. The country is located in the northwestern part of Africa. 


Morocco - Mount Toubkal climb

Morrocco - trekking in the Atlas Mountains, and reach the summit of the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal (4.167 m) Stay in Berber villages and experience Marrakech.


The walking ascent of Mount Toubkal follows the old mule tracks through Berber villages and green valleys in the prettiest part of the Atlas mountains. The ascent to the summit of Mount Toukbal is not...

8 days - Trip Grading : 3-4

Suitable solo tours
Price from EUR 530,00
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Morocco - Trekking the High Atlas and Mount Toubkal

Morocco - Walking holiday in High Atlas, with overnight stays at guesthouses and tent camps under fig trees. Climb the highest mountain of Northern Africa - Mount Toubkal, and experience Marrakech.

(mountaineering with a local guide)

An exotic walking holiday in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco with the climbing of Mount Toubkal. Along with your local guide, cook and muleteers you will hike through the atmospheric Berber villag...

15 days - Trip Grading : 3-4

Price from EUR 920,00
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Morocco - Walking, camel tour and Marrakech

Easy walking in the Atlas Mountains with overnight stays at guest houses in Berber villages, camel tour and overnight stay in the desert, and a final stay in the lively city of Marrakech.


This adventurous Morocco-trip consists of a great mix of nature, culture, history, culinary experiences and shopping. The easy walking tour will take you through some of the Atlas Mountains, beautiful...

8 days - Trip Grading : 2

Price from EUR 575,00
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Morocco - a 15-day Adventure tour

Adventure tour in Morocco - Trekking in the Atlas Mountains, Camel tour to the desert with overnight stay, old culture sights and the lively Marrakech.


Trekking in the Atlas Mountains, going on a camel tour, sleeping in Bedouin tents, seeing ancient fortresses in the mountain villages and ending off with visiting the lively Marrakech. If exotic desti...

15 days - Trip Grading : 2

Price from EUR 1.100,00
Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan

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