Benefits of booking your tour with Mountain Adventures

When you buy a tour with Mountain Adventures you are covered by the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund, which means that you enjoy a very high degree of customer protection. This is true regardless if you live in Denmark or not.

The Travel Guarantee Fund
Bering Travel is a member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (membership No. 2529). Since our tours always consist of accommodation + an activity it means that, your holiday is covered – even if you buy your flights elsewhere. Should Mountain Adventures be forced to close, then you will be able to get your purchase refunded by the Travel Guarantee Fund. It also means that you have the right to cancel your holiday and get a full refund should your chosen destination experience any acts of war, natural disasters or similar dangers.

Notice that in order to get this refund you would be required to contact the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund. Read all about it on their english website:

Enhanced Liability Insurance
Mountain Adventures has an Enhanced Liability Insurance with Gouda Travel Insurance. This gives you added security on your holiday.

At Mountain Adventures we take care of everything from planning the holiday until your return. That means that you always have a person you can easily get in touch with if you need help of any kind.



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