Day 1 Travel to the Faroe Islands. Mountain hike to Gasadalur

Upon arrival, pick up your rental car and drive to check in at the hotel, where the first two nights will be spent.

Depending on your time of arrival, you may already want to do your first hike. This goes to Gasadalur (Goose Valley), which has been one of the most isolated villages in the Faroe Islands.

The settlement is very remote, and there have - until a few years ago - not been any roads. Since 1983, it has been possible to fly in by helicopter. Yet, the postmen hiked over the mountain three times a week until 2003, when a tunnel through the mountain was opened.

The tour starts in Bøur and goes steeply along the cliff edge. Be careful and stop to enjoy the view of Sørvagsfjorden and the small islands in the sea. After a steep descent, you arrive at Gasadalur, where you'll find Medieval ruins. Beware of loose stones. 

You can get back to Bøur either the same way over the mountain, or through the tunnel.

Trekking Time Ca. 2½ hours
Distance 3,5KM
Accommodation Vagar
Day 2 Hike on the bird island of Mykines

By ferry you head from Sørvagur to Mykines, which is known for its rich bird life and the fine hike out to Mykines islet. The trail takes you up the grassy path to the ridge. You'll pass the memorial to lost fishermen from Mykines, and follow along a mountain ridge steeply down to the grass plains, where puffins nest. It may be slippery after rain, but there is a railing to hold on to.

Well down the slope, you cross a bridge and arrive in Holmen, which is the only place in the Faroes, where gannets breed.

The path ends at the lighthouse, which stands on the westernmost point of the Faroe Islands. If you continued across the sea to the west, your next stop would be Greenland.

Note: The ferry to Mykines only runs from the 1st of May until the 31st of August. If your booking is outside this season, we'll send you an alternative hiking proposal.

Trekking Time Ca. 3 hours
Distance 5KM
Accommodation Vagar
Day 3 Journey to the southernmost island, Suduroy. Hike to Hvannhagi.

The day starts with a drive through the undersea tunnel to the island Streymur. From Torshavn take the ferry to the southernmost island Suduroy. The ferry ride takes approximately 2 hours.

The hike starts in Tvoeroyri along a path called Hvalurin. You follow an ancient route over the mountain to the eastern side of Suduroy, where the views are incomparable. Gazing at the sea, you'll see the island Big Dimon and the smallest, single uninhabited island in the Faroe Islands, Small Dimon. Hvannhagi is one of the most beautiful places on Suderoy.

Trekking Time Ca. 4 hours
Distance 7KM
Accommodation Tvøroyri eller Vagur på Suderoy
Day 4 Hike over the hill from Øravík to Vagur

Today's hike takes you up over the mountain between Oeravik and Vagur. The path goes to "Tingil Uppi Millum Stovur" which in the old days used to be a thingstead (meeting place), where e.g. disputes were settled.

The rocky trail continues steeply up to Mannaskard, where you can enjoy a really nice view. Amongst others, you can see Borgarknappur, a mountain, where the top resembles a medieval castle. The trail runs between the lakes along Vatnaryggur, where trout and salmon are reared. Here you can see a lot of birds, and, according to a local legend, the secretive and magical Huldras - the seductive hollow forest creatures - are especially numerous in this area. The Huldras' strenght is said to increase the further away one gets from the settlement, so be aware of this while you wander in these mountains.

From Vágsskard the path goes easily downhill towards Hvannadalur and then a little steeper down to Vagur. Unless you also want to walk back to the hotel in Oeravik, you can take the bus back, and optionally stop by Porkeri, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful settlements in the Faroe Islands. 

Trekking Time Ca. 4 hours
Distance 7KM
Accommodation Oeravik or Vagur
Day 5 Visit the world's smallest capital - Torshavn

Take the ferry back to Torshavn and check into the hotel. Torshavn is a charming little capital with cafes, restaurants, shops, and there is also a cultural center with museums, galleries, theater and music.

Use the day to enjoy the city and explore the old town, Tinganes. Visits should include Fort Skansin and the Faroese designer shops Gudrun & Gudrun and Sirri and the artisan shop Østrøm.

Trekking Time Ca. Varierer hour
Accommodation Torshavn
Day 6 Sail to the small island Nolsoy just outside of Torshavn. Hike to Bordan.

Take the small ferry to the island Nolsoy (20 minutes). Here you can experience a completely different world than the one you know. It is as if time has stopped and you are taken back in time.

From Nólsoy you head to the area Korndalur. Continue on the track along the old water pipe up to the old water reservoir. You will follow the cairns to "Uppi in Skipi" (Up in the ship), where people in the past used to hide from pirates. Almost at the top you come to Hviliplassid (resting place), where you can stop and rest. The view is absolutely fantastic. On a clear day you can see the Northern Isles and into Skala fjord, a bit of Torshavn and Sandoy.

At Borsan the path will cross an old peat moor. There are small cairns all the way to Nólsoyar Viti (the lighthouse). If the cairns should be difficult to see, you can orient yourself by the two masts at the lighthouse.

You may want to take an extra walk over to Stallurin (about 1km or 0.6 miles). The name Stallurin comes from the phenomena that boats used to be able to lie side by side like horses at the stable.  

On the way back to the village, follow the cairns carefully, so you do not get lost. After the walk, take the ferry back to Torshavn.

Trekking Time Ca. 5 hours
Distance 7KM
Accommodation Torshavn
Day 7 Hike from Torshavn to the historic hamlet, Kirkjubøur. 

Today you head over the mountain from Torshavn to the historic village, Kirkjubøur. The trip begins where the roads Landavegur and Velbastadvegur intersect. A bit up the hill you can enjoy the fine views of Torshavn and Nolsoy. Then you pass two small lakes, where there are often many gulls.

Follow the cairns South to a stone pulpit. For 120 years, there have been public meetings held here with the audience sitting on the green slopes while singing folk songs that were written for each occasion. When you continue, notice view of Sandoy, Hestur Koltur and Vagar in front of you.

As you approach Kirkjubøur, you can see the islet Kirkjubøholmur, which used to be attached to the mainland. Through the Middle Ages, Kirkjubøur was the Catholic bishopric of the Faroe Islands, and thus the country's spiritual and cultural center. The Olav church, built in the 13th century, is the country's oldest church that is still in use. The ruins of the Magnus Cathedral with their 1½ meter thick walls are also worth a visit, as is Konggården, which is among the world's oldest wooden houses, which are still inhabited.

The path ends just 50 meters away from the houses. When you've had a look around in this charming village, you can walk the same way back to Torshavn or take a taxi or bus, which only runs on weekdays.

Trekking Time Ca. 2 hours
Distance 7KM
Accommodation Torshavn
Day 8 Hike to the big waterfall, Boesdalafossur on Vágoy. Return travel

The tour is nearing its end but depending on your flight schedule you may be able to fit in one last walk to the large waterfall Boesdalafossur, which is located near the airport.
You cross an old dry bay with collapsed peat bogs of stone. Trælanipa is a 142-meter-high rocky projection that protrudes straight from the sea. In the Viking Age, worn out slaves were thrown down from the rock; hence the name.

The trip continues past the Faroe Islands' largest lake, Sørvagsvatn, where it is said that a Nix should have lived. A Nix is a being who lives in lakes and is said to resemble a beautiful horse that lures people over, grabs them and takes them down to the bottom of the lake. The Nix loses all its power if it hears its name uttered.

From the end of the lake there is a beautiful view of the waterfall Bøsdalafossur, which rinses over the cliff side and falls approx. 35 meters (115 ft) directly down into the Atlantic.

With the last hike experiences you head back to the airport and leave your car, and begin your journey back home. 

Trekking Time Ca. 2 hours
Distance 5KM
General Information

On this tour you are on your own without a tour guide. We have arranged for overnight stays, car rental, route descriptions, maps and other practical things. 

The daily walking tours as described in the itinerary are at level 2. Since you are walking individually without a guide, it is possible to make your own decisions on how far you want to proceed on each day. You can always turn around and head back whenever you wish to.

See the price
When you fill out the booking form and click Next, arriving on page 2, you'll see the total price for your holiday, including all your additional selections.


Please note that transportation to and from the destination is NOT included in the package, and that you have to make sure to book your own flight that matches the holiday start- and end date. This is easily done online or by contacting us for an offer on

Important: We recommend that you book the trip with us before you buy your plane tickets.

Car Rental

You pick up the car on arrival and return before departure.

The price includes:

  • 7 day car rental in category A (Nissan Micra, Mazda 2 or similar)
    unlimited mileage
  • One driver
  • CDW insurance
  • TP (theft insurance)
  • Airport tax
  • VAT

Super-CDW insurance
With the standard CDW insurance, your own risk is at 7,000 DKK (equivalent to 933 euros). You can buy a Super-CDW insurance for 100 DKK (approx. 13 euros) per day. This will convert your own risk down to 0. This can either be pre-booked or added when the car is picked up. Your travel insurance may cover this. Check your terms and conditions. 

If you are under 21 years of age, you must take out a Super-CDW insurance for €14 per day.

Underwater tunnel fee
It costs 100 DKK (approx. € 14) to drive through an underwater tunnel in the Faroe Islands. The amount is debited to the driver's credit card that must be presented upon the collection of the car. 

Upgrading the rental car
The rental car can be upgraded to a larger car if desired:

  • Category B (Opel Corsa or similar.) € 40 extra for the week
  • Category C (Nissan Note or similar.) € 80 extra for the week
  • Category D (Opel Astra or similar.) € 120 extra for the week
  • Category O (Station car: Peugeot 308 station wagon or similar.) € 160 extra for the week
  • Category Q (Nissan Qashqai (5+2) € 520,- extra for the week
  • Category S (car with automatic transmission or 4x4) € 520,- extra for the week
  • Category T (Minibus) € 1090,- extra for the week

Please make a note in the "Comments box" of who will be the driver of the car and whether you want to upgrade your car. Additional driver costs 150 DKK (20 euro)


The ferry to Mykines costs 120 DKK per person (return). You can not bring the car. Tickets must be pre-booked (check your pre-departure information).

The ferry to Suduroy costs 225 DKK (return) for a car and its driver. It costs 90 DKK for extra people. Reservation is not required.

The ferry to Nolsoy costs 45 DKK (return). You cam not bring the car. Reservation is not required.


You will stay in a double room with breakfast included in three different well situated tourist class hotels. These will be in Soervagur on the island of Vagar, in Tvoeroyri or Vagur on Suderoy and in Torshavn in Streymoy.

Food & Beverage

Breakfast is included at all hotels.
Lunch pack can be purchased at the hotels. Remember to book the day before.
On Suderoy please let the hotel know if you want dinner.
In Torshavn there is no restaurant at the hotel but there are restaurants and cafes close by. 

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that you are covered by a good travel insurance covering at least Medical Expenses, Illness, Personal Accident, Baggage and Repatriation. The customer is responsible to take the necessary travel insurance that covers these costs. Mountain Adventures, or our local partners, do not have any responsibility for our customers not being covered by a necessary travel insurance. You have to arrange your insurance in your home country.


It can be difficult to plan your trip according to the weather, but to give an idea of the local climate, see data below. Statistics as seen on



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