Day 1 Arrival in Saint Dalmas de Tende

You arrive in the small mountain village of Saint Dalmas de Tende.

Day 2 Tour of the area around Saint Dalmas de Tende

On the first day of the tour, the route goes through a medieval area packed with a fascinating history. You also experience a couple of fantastic mountain villages and their charming culture. Dinner at the hotel in Saint Dalmas de Tende is included in the price.

Trekking Time Ca. 5½ hours
Altitude 960M
Altitude 960M
Day 3 Hiking from St. Dalamas de Tende to Saorge

On today's hike you will walk through a number of more isolated small mountain communities that, despite their slightly deserted location, are inhabited. The villages are made up of dried stone walls and with roofs of local slate. At the hotel in Saorge, dinner will be served for you.

Trekking Time Ca. 6 hours
Altitude 900M
Altitude 1050M
Day 4 Hiking from Saorge to Breil sur Roya

From Fontan you follow the old salt route towards the village of Saorge, which clings beautifully up a hillside in a landscape consisting of both greenery and protruding cliffs.

From here, the walk continues along the beautiful hiking route towards Breil sur Roya, which lies deep in the valley - packed tightly in a crescent shape, almost sandwiched between river and rock walls. The atmosphere in the city will send your thoughts several hundred years back. At the town's church you can see one of the most beautiful organs built in the 18th century.

Dinner is served at the hotel in this beautiful town.

Trekking Time Ca. 5½ hours
Altitude 700M
Altitude 800M
Day 5 Hiking from Breil sur Roya to Sospel

Today's walk takes you on a beautiful path that leads you to the stunningly situated village of Piène Haute, which thrones over a hillside surrounded by mountains. As you approach the village, you see the church tower scouting over the olive groves' haze as you pass a ravine stretching over the Italian border.

Dinner is served at the hotel in Sospel.

Trekking Time Ca. 5½ hours
Altitude 600M
Altitude 700M
Day 6 Hiking from Sospel to Sainte Agnès

Today you have the possibility to choose between a shorter and a longer route.

The ruins of an ancient castle, the city's church and many other buildings emphasize that for centuries, Sospel was an important village. As you walk out of the town, you continue the route to the village of Sainte Agnès, from where the first glimpse of the Mediterranean can be enjoyed. As many of the former villages you have walked through, this one also has an impressive location in the landscape. There is a great view of the village winding up from a smaller mountain.

There will be dinner at the hotel in Sainte Agnés.

Trekking Time Ca. 3½-6 hours
Altitude 580/700M
Altitude 1040/720M
Day 7 Hiking from Sainte Agnès to Menton

This hike brings you along paths that wind like swaths through the hilly landscape. You come through the small villages of Monti and Castellar, both of which lean safely up the mountains. The walk down to the old town of Menton takes you through the famous Garavan bay. The landscape from the mountains to the coast creates the perfect ending to an eventful hiking holiday.

The dinner in Menton is not included, but the town is full of great restaurants, so just stroll out into the streets and let your appetite do the choosing.

Trekking Time Ca. 5½ hours
Altitude 150M
Altitude 900M
Day 8 Return
vandreferie frankrig

After breakfast and check-out the individual return journey awaits you. 


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General Information

On this trip you are on your own without a tour guide. We have taken care of the accommodation, route descriptions, maps and other practical things, but you have to make sure to book your own flight that matches the holiday start- and end date. 
Note: The hotel expects you to arrive before 7pm on Day 1. If this is not possible then please inform us about it in good time.

The day trips described in the program have a difficulty level of 2-3. You walk along fine paths and small roads, and on average, hike over 600-1000 altitude meters (3280 ft.) a day over a period of approx. 6 hours. Of course, this includes breaks as well.

The luggage is transported from hotel to hotel, so you only have to carry your day bag.

Departure Dates
This tour can start on every day of the week from April to October.
See the calendar for available start dates.

See the price
When you fill out the booking form and click Next, arriving on page 2, you'll see the total price for your holiday, including all your additional selections.

Transportation / Flights

Please note that transportation to and from Nice is NOT included in the package, and that you have to make sure to book your own flight that matches the holiday start- and end date. This is easily done online or by contacting us for an offer on

Important: We recommend that you book the trip with us before you buy your plane tickets.

Local transportation
You can take a train from Nice to Saint Dalmas de Tende. The ride takes approx. 1 hour and 40 min. You can find the schedule here. The ticket costs about 12-15€ per person. 

The newest bus schedules can be seen here.

What is easiest?
We can arrange a transfer for you between Nice and St Dalmas de Tende. The price is 225€ for a car with room for 1-7 people. This can be selected in the booking form.


The overnight stays on the trip take place in double rooms at specially selected hotels:

  • A 2-star hotel (4 nights)
  • A 3 star hotel (1 night - Menton)
  • Inns & Guest Houses (2 nights)

It is possible to book extra nights before and after the trip

Food & Beverage

On this trip, half board is included on all days, except dinner in Menton on day 7 - where there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

The dinner will consist of a 2-3 course menu that you can pick yourself. Beverage is not included.

Lunch can be bought in the small towns during the trip and brought along the hikes.

Travel insurance

We highly recommend that you are covered by a good travel insurance covering at least Medical Expenses, Illness, Personal Accident, Baggage and Repatriation. The customer is responsible to take the necessary travel insurance that covers these costs. Mountain Adventures, or our local partners, do not have any responsibility for our customers not being covered by a necessary travel insurance. You have to arrange your insurance in your home country.


It can be difficult to plan your trip according to the weather, but here is the average statistics of the climate in the area, as shown on



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